Lowongan Magang di Energising Development (Endev)

Internship2014The Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is a German international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. ENDEV Indonesia is opening an Internship Program
ENDEV Indonesia aims to sustainably provide electricity to 112.000 people, 200 institutions, and 340 productive use applications through the use of renewable energy technologies. While current technology focus is on micro-hydro power (MHP), the project is also considering other technologies such as solar mini-grids (PVVP – photovoltaic village power) and biomass. Experience has shown that sustainability has been an issue while implementing MHP for rural development. There have been many cases where installed MHPs failed within a few months or years, far shorter of its actual life expectancy. Challenges regarding MHP sustainability vary, from managerial to technical issues and occur during both the development and operational process. Monitoring and evaluation are critical to ensure performance of the schemes while achieving the project goals, anticipate upcoming problems that might arise and promote improvements through lessons learned. Project performance relates directly to goals achieved, as well as quality which underpins sustainability of the MHP schemes.
Ensuring sustainability is performed by a cyclical process that includes regular monitoring, periodic evaluation, and adjustments on the implementation process as required. It requires actions both in technical and social aspects. Preventive approach is conducted by ensuring quality of the installed RE system. Meanwhile strengthening social aspects is conducted by building participation and stronger bonds within the benefited community. Extensive operations and administration training is also conducted on village-level upon the completion of the MHP or PVVP installation. Besides that, our approach to ensure sustainability is to increase productivity of the community. Until now, we have been working on implementation of appliances that can be used as tools to generate income in the community together with local NGOs.
Students with strong analytical thinking are welcomed to be part of our team for an internship period. You will work together with us to empower communities to assess the quality of the renewable energy technology installed, operate and maintain renewable energy installations (specifically MHPs and PVs), develop sustainability monitoring approaches through means of communication and technology and contributing towards enhancing and streamlining project coordination and out-reach.
For more information on EnDev Indonesia’s work, please consult https://energypedia.info and www.endev-indonesia.or.id .
Current internships available:
TQ 2014: Technical Quality
Internship time frame: March – July 2014
Topic: Renewable Energy Quality Assessment on MHP and PVVP
Background: The growing number of renewable energy infrastructure installed in Indonesia through rural electrification programmes puts increased emphasis on proper technical quality and standards. Rural electrification has two sides of a coin that need to be pursued consistently, these are community participation and technical quality. If one of these key elements are not fulfilled then sustainability of the system is compromised. EnDev Indonesia is regularly assessing and evaluating the technical quality of MHP and PVVP, in order to propose improvements and support technical troubleshooting.
Intern main task: support technical experts in technical quality assurance activities for MHP and PVVP; develop quality criteria and methods for disseminating awareness. For more information: https://energypedia.info/wiki/Technical_Inspection_Guidelines_for_Solar_PV_Mini-grids_(EnDev_Indonesia_2013),https://energypedia.info/wiki/File:Good_and_bad_of_mini_hydro_power_vol.1.pdf, https://energypedia.info/wiki/File:Good_and_bad_of_mini_hydro_power_vol.2.pdf,
Skills required: Basic knowledge in electrical engineering (particularly in renewable energy technology such as photovoltaic); good data processing skills; practical knowledge on electricity infrastructure; experience in working with communities; report/fact sheet compilation and editing in English; possible rural site visits under basic conditions
PR 2014: Public Relations
Internship time frame: February – July 2014
Topic: Public Relations on Energy and EnDev
Background: EnDev Indonesia does not operate in isolation, but is impact driven. This requires that information gained and lessons learnt are effectively communicated to various stakeholders, both internally and externally. EnDev publishes reports on its findings, composes videos, designs training and awareness materials and disseminates these through off-line and on-line platforms. The project also seeks to contribute towards public debate on renewable energy and sustainable rural development by utilizing conventional media, social media and specialist networks.
Intern main tasks: support initiatives to communicate information across a wide range of stakeholders and media; contribute towards material (video, publications) production; develop a PR strategy combined with user-friendly processes; re-vitalize current PR activities; For more information: http://www.facebook.com/pages/GREENergy-Indonesia/451553694886676?fref=tshttps://twitter.com/GREEnergindo, http://www.youtube.com/user/GREENergyIndonesia
Skills required: broad basic knowledge in journalism, public relations, marketing and media production; good communication skills (both writing and speaking); general knowledge on energy sector; experience in working with different stakeholders; report/fact sheet compilation and editing in English; possible rural site visits under basic conditions
OA 2014: Office Administration
Internship time frame: February – July 2014
Topic: Office Administration for overall EnDev project
Background: EnDev Indonesia implements various activities simultaneously. Each activity has different approaches, objectives, guiding procedures, strategies and time lines. Without dedicated coordination and strong administration support, the activities cannot be implemented effectively and efficiently, comply with transparency requirements, or yield the desired outcomes. Administration is vital for project implementation.
Intern main tasks: Support the administrative activities, which may include arranging for the production of materials, organizing events, coordinating the use of office equipment, identify opportunities to streamline administration procedures.
Skills required: broad basic knowledge in office administration, good on secretarial and data processing skills; general knowledge on event organization, time management and administration good practices; experience in working in an office environment; document compilation and editing in English; possible administration activities outside Jakarta
SM 2014: Sustainability Monitoring
Internship time frame: February – July 2014
Topic: Sustainability Monitoring of MHP and PV
Background: The GIZ has been monitoring and maintaining over 300 sites information, comprise of PV and MHP. Expand from monitoring routines, EnDev ID provides counselling system through SMS that serves communities who are managing their renewable energy power plant. These two initiatives aim to improve PV and MHP sites sustainability. EnDev ID operation is armed with database with over 200,000 data records and SMS Gateway system to support better advice and decision making for the GIZ and our stakeholders.
Intern main tasks: Support the sustainability monitoring activities, which may include maintaining information and knowledge management system such as handling database input, reports and analysis; contribute in activating knowledge exchange platform with SMS technology (BReIDGE) through community counselling; conduct surveys; liaise and engage stakeholders in the knowledge exchange activities; contribute in executing new ideas to improve RE sites sustainability.
Skills required: broad basic knowledge in IT-based data management, mathematician and/or statistician; good data processing skills; general knowledge on energy sector; experience in working with communities; good report/fact sheet compilation and editing in English; possible rural site visits under basic conditions
General requirements for the interns:
• Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
• Moderate knowledge in various fields of study, as described below.
• Acceptable skills in writing is required
• Acceptable verbal communication and presentation skills are required
• General knowledge about energy sectors, specifically rural electrification, and on community development would be an advantage
The graduation date of any prospective intern should not exceed more than six months from when the internship is due to start.
Period of Internship : For a period of 4–6 months (starting on February 2014)
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Application procedure:
• Applications shall only be considered until latest 12 February 2014
• Applications will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis.
• Candidates for an internship shall apply for an internship with ENDEV Indonesia by submitting the following:
1. Updated curriculum vitae (CV) with photograph of candidate
2. Letter of Motivation for the internship (highlighting the candidates reasons for the internship and area of interests)
• Applications shall be submitted electronically to Ms Atiek Puspa Fadhilah (Advisor – EnDev Indonesia) at atiek.fadhilah@giz.de

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